🎥 Five Minute Start ⏱Take time every day to recover

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

🎥 Five Minute Start ⏱

Take time every day to recover🧘🏼‍♀️

✅Shut down

The Curiosity Theory is an effective tool to help transform conflict and create positive results in everything we do. It supports and empowers our personal as well as our professional lives. When we use curiosity we enter into the experience of something we call FLOW. The Third part of FLOW is Recovery

FLOW is:
The Positive, Dynamic, Forward Moving Energy Between People.

The Formula for Flow is the third level of The Curiosity Theory and it is a vital part of the STAR Process for Results. The Formula for FLOW is a model when used to create sustainable results for individuals, teams, and organizations. It can be used alone or in a group.

In order to use the Formula for FLOW, it requires a level of awareness and skill.

FLOW is integrated into The STAR Process between Think & Act.

Recovery is the last part of FLOW and it is where we build up our ability to go to the next level and push our upper limits.

In this 🎥 Five Minute Start ⏱video, Martin shares how to use Recovery in everyday life.

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